Tuesday, January 04, 2005

CBC Radio Literary Awards

Last year I entered this contest and was very surprised - maybe shocked is the word here - to learn that I had been shortlisted. That means I was in the top 30 of hundreds. Just fine with me! I would be terrified if I ever made it any higher I think. But I really liked being able to think of myself as 'shortlisted'

This year I think my poetry is much better. But I haven't heard from the contest yet. Poetry Prof Scott Wiggerman suggests that it would be an entirely different committee or set of judges and that I could have entered the same poems and it wouldn't have made any difference. The big presentation is in February so I know I didn't make it that far - there are photos and interviews and the poets have to plan their trip to the awards ceremony. Still, a letter is sent out with notice of shortlisting. It might be slow in the mail.

Here are the poems I submitted this year:

Still Fingers
We Fought About Light
The Rattling
This Rain Sounds like Summer
After the Funeral
Velvet Time
A Breathing House
What if it's Endless
Life Pulls my Head Low
From the Mirror
I called you Ocean
Like a Tiger
The Hummingbird


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