Thursday, January 27, 2005

Chapbook: Steve Mueske

Whatvever the Story Requires, Steve Mueske

I received Steve's chapbook in the mail yesterday and am quite delighted. It is my first mailorder chapbook. Steve provided the ability to pay by PayPal which is awesome. I'd happily buy lots more chapbooks if this service were more widely used. I always have money in my paypal account - not many people can afford to get merchant accounts and offer credit card security online - so why not paypal?

Steve personally signed the inner title page, a nice touch. His book is well bound and laid out. I have read three of his poems, random pick. I think Ill go back and start at page one again and read through in order, like any book. I'm enjoying his work.

I also enjoyed browsing his acknowledgments! A good source of places to submit. Im starting with American Poetry Journal which has printed a number of Steve's poems.


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