Monday, January 03, 2005

Malahat Review, Nov 27 2004

This is the first magazine I have ever actually bundled up paper and posted to. It is published out of the University of Victoria. I have decided to choose Canadian magazines first for two reasons - less postage and a smaller market

University of Victoria
po box 1700 Sth. CSC
Victoria BC V8W 2Y2 Canada

Expect 1-3 months for answer, included sase
Unpublished poetry only

1. Spin the Rod
2. White
3. The Rain Sounds Like Summer
4. Like a Reptile
5. Waiting for William
6. Home Again

Not my best pick but some of my better poems are tied up waiting to hear from CBC and the Annual CBC Radio Literary Awards. Also, I realized laer that 'White' was published online at Eclectica. I would have to turn the Malahat Review down if they wanted that one and it is likely the best of the bunch. Althogugh I really like Spin the Rod

As of January 2, no response


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