Thursday, January 06, 2005

Page from my notebook

answering Eduardo's challenge, I'm typing out a page from my notebook

them bones
you showed me once
whiskey and ivory
and blue smoke shifting the truth
that night

them bones
you played them once
blue smoke and ivory
the music the whiskey amber

where do bad folks
go when they die
they don't go to heaven
where the angels fly

the vessel is time. Action activity is fluid a liquid. It fills time and is in turn shaped by time.

the trees reach with their hands flat
floating on the surface of air
(theirs is a different solidity)
from above they're lazing
supplicants to the warm air
offering up petal and bud
their sleeves
Pink BE15C4
falling as they reach
scattering pink everywhere

Place her body beneath the quilt
with scenes of sea and sand
install yourself inside her

In the tangled ropes of trunk and root

railway park


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