Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Publication Record To Date

Just for the record, I'm going to list everything published to date. It will be a short list don't worry! In my early days, I submitted some poetry to online hournals. I will not be doing that anymore.

This is a print magazine that has a very unique online submission process. Poems get entered into a slush pile. If they are liked, they start to move upwards through a series o editors. Each editor leaves a comment. Sometimes a poem can get stuck there for months. I had 11 poems rise out of the slush but none of them ended up being published for a variety of reasons. The last poem sat on their virtual desk for months, received many great comments, but was finally rejected. I decided I had had enough. The 'fit' wasn't there.

Rick Lupert. In Jan-Feb 2003 I was one of the Poets of the Month. Poetry published was Still Fingers, Geese Shadows, Hurrah and In Cafe. I no longer submit to this online journal.

This is a quality online journal with a clean layout, pleasant and polite email, and some good poets. My poetry was published on Eclectica twice.
July/August 2003 : Peonies/Baleen
January 2004 : The Rattling

The local newspaper published a poem in a special edition insert following a big flood. The poem, Days of Flood, was later accepted by a print journal but then rejected because of this 'previous publication'. I was sad. I didn't note the name of the print journal but I did note that even if your local paper is only 1000 issues, it is still considered publication.

I enjoy this online journal, and love the name. In April 2004, I submitted 5 poems: Life pulls my head low, Love Falling, Pearls, From the Mirror, and White. They accepted White and published it in their September 2004 Issue.

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