Sunday, January 16, 2005

Subs and Thoughts

Yesterday, I heard Kurt Cobain's music piped through the speakers in a supermarket - done with violins. I thought maybe I was dead. The music and the long florescent lighting and the flat white snow and dry endless days - my skin cracks and peels, my daughter sits listlessly waiting in the truck. This is it, I thought. The langoliers are on their way, chewing up the world just down highway 99. In the real world Cobain sang of addiction and blew his brains out with a gun - in the world of the dead, his music is played on harp strings, piped into elevators to heaven maybe..

BC Arts Council - provides funding for writers. To qualify I must have 40 pages of published poetry.

Canada Council for the Arts - provides funding for writers. To qualify I must have 10 pages of published poetry.

Submission :
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January 11

The Salmon
When after all that
Listen -
Velvet Time
What Shispers

A couple of these poems were part of the selection sent to the CBC Radio Literary Awards. last year, when I was shortlisted, I received a phone call in December and a letter in early January, dated January 1. It is no the 16th of January - barring extremely slow mail, I think I can safely release the poems to other submissions.


Blogger Wrong Nation said...

I am trying to imagine what song that could be. "Smells like teen spirit" as elevator music? "All Apologies"?

I never had the interest to do drugs, but I have known people who were lost to heroin. Wonderful people often with tremendous energy. While the world spinned around, they moved slower and slower until one day they were sucked away.

You're a survivor. With luck, you'll be with us a long time. Feel the cracked days, touch those you love. Write a poem. Send them out.

2:38 PM  

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