Thursday, January 27, 2005

Three Submissions Jan 27

It is not possible to 'stamp' and envelope in Canada with a US stamp. The only thing we can do is enclose an International reply coupon (IRC) for the price of $3.10 - I did this, hopefully it will be acceptable to the journal editors. They turn in the coupon at the post office and get a stamp. I have a brother with a cottage in the US, think I will try to get him to purchase me a block of stamps for future.

I wish the journals would simply reply by email - save a lot of paper, stamps and time wouldn't it?

Comstock Review, Syracuse NY
Great website for this journal, lots of tips for poets
The Comstock Review sometimes sends comments on the poems

Sent seven poems Jan 27
From the Mirror
Home Again
Still Fingers (Previously published on psh)
One Grunt
Expect reply 6-8 weeks after the end of the reading period (March 15)

HA! Quarterly
Writers' Haven Press
Seabeck WA

Sent two poems:
Meals For One
Two Shirts

American Poetry Journal
Editor JP Dancing Bear
Felton, CA
Note: The APJ will not look at poems if not included with an SASE.
Expect reply 1-6 weeks. In the cover letter I invited JPDB to answer by email.

Sent 5 poems
When, after all that
Like a Reptile
Spin the Rod


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