Friday, February 18, 2005

Journey poem

OK, I've sent in my 'journey' poem. Not clear if it is really what Chris was looking for, but I had fun writing it! Here it is


Moon is a woman.
The baby holds her string,
a balloon,
jerking through black trees,
Congratulations! spins and jumps.
The deep sky and stars are creased paper,
lining a cedar drawer,
her white hands caress the knits within,
fold and fold.
The road, a grey bow,
turns and knots around us.
The night is a gift,
its moon is a woman, punched.
Clutching herself,
she scuttles alongside our truck,
holding her womb while
inside the baby sleeps
and the black trees repeat
across her face.
The deep sky and stars
are the turning of a plate,
the high hum of the wheels
sing, her white hands
stroke and stroke
and the baby


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