Thursday, February 03, 2005

Poet Websites and Blogs

There are quite a few poet blogs online now. Each seems to be a unique piece in the big jig saw. For those of you visiting who are new to the blog experience, here are some good starting links:
Steve Mueske's site has great topics, links, and a good list of Poet Blogs (bottom right). Steve is editor of a journal, Three Candles (
American Poetry Journal
This site and the link page of the editor JP Dancing Bear both have a great list of links. Lots of surfing potention for you!

Here are some of my favourite blogs

Hannah Craig : Awake at dawn on someone's couch

TE Ballard : early hours of sky

Whimsey Speaks: Poetry, politics, technology, cuisine

On this page you'll find a link to an interesting table titled
Submission Response Times
Cool - ok, I some poems awaiting response from Kenyon Review which has an online submission form. I just emailed a bit with a friend who noted that her own poems have been with the mag for eons with still no response. So I'm thinking maybe it just doesn't respond in any kind of time. Similar to other web ventures - great when launched and then totally useless within a month or so due to lack of a human webmaster. But here is what shows on the SRT chart

Kenyon Review 4 weeks acceptance (1) 9.5 weeks rejection (11)
hmm, interesting odds too with 1 acceptance and 11 rejections. Backwards to what I would have thought, too. Why so long to reject? Oh agony .... just do it quickly please!

have fun prowling about
more to come


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