Thursday, February 03, 2005

What is 'published'

There's an interesting discussion going on over at The World According to ES on what is published - with the advent of the electronic journal, blogs, online workshops and personal websites, this is not an easy question.

Certainly, for grants in Canada, the Councils are very specific:

Canada Council Grant page under Grants for Professional Writers - Creative Writing - requirement, applicant must have at least 10 published poems and

"Only literary publications that have gone through an independent editorial selection process and for which the author has received financial compensation will be considered. Privately printed publications, as well as writing published in community newspapers, free or student magazines, or newsletters of associations or other organizations are not eligible for the purposes of this program."

The most interesting line, for me, is 'for which the author has received financial compensation.' Is that, then, part of the definition of 'published'? Having been paid?

OK, here is a Project Assistance Grant from the BC Arts Council Equivalencies and Levels:

Level 1 Assistance : Writers must have had at least one book (or equivalent) professionally published. For writers of poetry: the equivalent of one book is 40 pages of poetry in literary magazines, recognized periodicals or anthologies published by recognized professional publishing houses.

So is a poem published when published in an e-zine? YES. Print journals will most likely consider it published. However, if you are applying for a grant like one of the two above, you cannot use e-zine publications as part of your eligibility 'credits'

This is a fascinating topic. Anyone with a computer can start up an e-zine. Hundreds will pop up over the next year alone. Thousands of poets will get their work published. Using google publishers will be able to see immediately if the poem has appeared anywhere previously. What a challenge for the poet! And for the readers of poetry.

Hmmm - seems to me that it is time for someone to put up a website the reviews electronic journals, gives info, and links.

This has the potential of bringing poetry back to its roots - down from the lofty heights of poetry journals and back into the hearts of every home.


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