Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hangover Poetry

This is the newest Poetry Assignment from www.redactions.com

Your assignment is not to not get drunk and hungover, but to be on the forefront of a new genre: Hangover Poetry. This will be a poetry that deals with the hangover on some level: as a starting point for a metaphor, a place to turn a metaphor towards, a launching point for something else — but it must include the hangover. We need to see what can we learn from the hangover? how can it inform us? etc....

hmmm, well now ack ack, I think maybe I can come up with one of these.

I used to have a list of Poetry Challenge/Workshop/Assignment links to help inspire us when the muse has flown, but it disappeared. Im going to put it back

now, maybe


Blogger Scalljah said...

Hi Jude

I just came across your Guardian entry, which I thought was the best by far. I typed you into google and surfed up here. I've just set up a blog a few weeks ago, well 4 of them and then got invited onto as/is, so it's going good.

I saw your entry about the workshop, which is exactly what I want to do next. Find a place to develop my crit skills. I went on everypoet.com first but got barred out after standing up to the

"tired old dried up drones
pontificating on a knowledge
thewy could never hope to embody"

John Boddie was his name. I sneaked back on at my sisters computer last weekend and exorcised the experience by posting practical positive crits up, completely doing the poetry facists head's in.

Anway. I need some advice, how do I add your site to mine. I'm gonna make it the first add on, coz I can see you are quality.

Basically what buttons do I have to click?

12:25 PM  
Blogger Jude Goodwin said...

hi scalljah

Good question on the link thing. Took me a while to figure it out and I'm a web designer! You have to go into your template code. You can follow it down by scrolling and close to the bottom you'll see where the links will have to go. Unfortunately, you'll need a bit of html in order to do it.

I can email you the code if you need it


11:14 PM  

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