Friday, March 04, 2005

Perfect Day for Poetry

I am in day 5 on Perfect Day 4 Poetry - I've started a series. Whoda thought? It's called the Good Wife's Guide. Im hoping for some cauterizing out of this series. Check for stink before proceeding.

I remet an old old friend today - Neal Hellman. Weird actually. I was thinking of him two days ago and today just thought I would google my own name - do that now and then, it's good to make sure there aren't any weird sites out there with your picture on it - and found a page about a book that Neal and I had worked together on in the 70s (Richard Farina Dulcimer Book). So I followed links and found his web site and dropped him a line. Haven't talked since oh maybe 1978? He was writing books on dulicmer then, now he runs an indy record company Gourd Music specializing in acoustic music. So get this, he is now taking a writing course from a poet named Ellen Bass who is about to give a workshop with a poet named Dorianne Laux (who incidentally wrote the introduction in Ellen Bass's book of poems Mules of Love). So that's really only 4 degrees between me and one of my favourite poets. Ha. Life is a pine beetle.


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