Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Small successes

March has started on a positive note. Three actually.

First, I received an email saying one of my poems would move on into the IBPC - Hat Schmat - I wrote it as a response to a spontaneous hat challenge on the Writers Block. It will be representing Blue Line in the IBPC.

Second, my 'journey' poem, Hush, was chosen by Chris Greenhalgh of the Guardian for review - shortlisted. Here is the link of the reviews and shortlisted poems Guardian Feb 2005 Workshop . Greenhalgh wrote:

I like the way this poem develops. The pace and rhythm are just right, and the title is good, too. I enjoyed the nicely poised last sentence, with its very effective use of lineation - a feature of the poem throughout, I thought:

The deep sky and stars
are the turning of a plate,
the high hum of the wheels
sing, her white hands
stroke and stroke
and the baby

Third, I have started in the Perfect Day for Poetry forum on Blue Line - I will write one poem a day for 30 days. Should help get the old juices roiling. So I'm going to look for challenges - I've taken 'In the Palm of your Hand' out of the library once again - in our little town I actually asked them to order the book for the library and have since taken it out half a dozen times. LOL. Why don't I just buy the thing off Amazon?

It is in that book that I first read Dorianne Laux. Her poetry is beyond excellent - Tooth Fairy, Girl in a Doorway, Shipfitters Wife - if you haven't read her poems prepare yourself to be astounded. For me, the one that still gives me chills is called The Catch. How can simple english words be put together to create such profound response? I read and reread but nothing changes - they gather and line up as words but perform like a single living spirit


Anonymous Ella said...

YAY JUDE!!!!!!!!!!!

Very exciting! Especially the Guardian! That's terrific. I am SO pleased. And I'm also pleased to have been the Hat Schmat nominator! Yahoo!

(Of course, I knew about Hat Schmat earlier today -- this morning, but couldn't tell you.)

I'm thrilled for you. I've had a nifty few days too. I never tell anyone really, just note them in my journal. I like this blog. Very nice.

You are such a wonderful support. Thank you always -- Ella

2:45 PM  

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