Sunday, March 06, 2005

South Carolina Writers Workshop

I've been toying with the idea of writing up 'reviews' on the various workshops around the web. A workshop is an excellent way to get your work out there, get an idea of it's scope, it's effect, what's working, what's not, objectivity, yeah, that's the word. There are many workshops now, and I seem to find new ones every week. What I'll do is start putting links in my right margin -

Today I'll introduce the South Carolina Writers Workshop. I thought it was new - because I haven't heard about it at all. However, I checked the first ever post and it is dated in 2001. This has not been a busy workshop, poetry wise (writers note, there are lots of other writing styles workshops here too) but it has recently been revamped. Using the ezboard engine, the forums are clean, and have all the features that make ezboard the best. Ability to edit, ability to customize my own look (For example, I can set the preferences so posts stay in place rather than rise to the top with every update), no messy forums and unneeded graphics.

Chief Moderator is Millard, past president of the South Carolina Writers Workshop. I don't know Millard personally but in my eary online poetry days I hung out at The Critical Poet and was greatly encouraged on many occasions by Millard. I read now that he no longer moderates on TCP. This can only be good for SCWW -

So, quality of interface : A
Moderator : A
Quality of poetry : unknown (yet)
Quality of crits : unknown (yet)
Participant in the IBPC : Yes



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