Friday, April 01, 2005

Poem Per Day

I've entered another Post a Poem A day effort. This is my third try and I've started it on the new Mike Duron poetry boards. Where did I read "If you can't write a good poem, write a bad one. If that doesn't work, write an even worse one." I think it was advice for getting out of a block. It's also good advice for PAP - although I must say, the daily poems being posted on Mike Duron's PAD forum are pretty darn good! I've been impressed - and a bit challenged I'm afraid. This poem per day is difficult. The first time round, I got to 6. The second time round, I wrote only 3 before tumbling off the train. Tonight is my 3.3

One thing about writing like this is the immersing - it forces pen to paper. And if the exercise is difficult, it encourages release. If I can't get my mouth around a poem, I unhinge my jaw. It's like trying to talk with a stutter, or - around a stutter.

Another good thing is the quantity of work - it feels so good to have a nice thick stack of poetry, instead of the thin pile of yore, pawed over and corrected and erased so many times dawn could shine through. Join us over at Mike Duron's PAD!

The newest Guardian Workshop Challenge is up - and it's a (drum roll) VILLANELLE aak aak aak - I spent two hours on it tonight and got nowhere. Deadline is April 10 - midnight. Click Here

April is Poetry Month. The IBPC Newswire is featuring a Daily Verse. Click Here

Hannah Craig posts "As promised, I'm back with details about Matt Shindell and James Meetze's weekly poetry radio show, which is going live this week! You can tune in this Sunday, 4-6 PM (PST) by clicking here. "

I'm working on that 'hangover' poem now (snort)


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