Saturday, April 09, 2005

Trail Maintenance

Trail MaintenanceEveryone needs to get out and do a little trail maintenance now and then. My turn came in the middle of a pre-season race - a craft ploy - this picture shows me caught in the act. Proof that I really do get away from my desk ..

Something has happened to - anyone hazard a guess? All I'm getting is a placeholder and the inner link to their challenge page doesn't work either. Hope they come back online soon.

Other writers are talking about the internet. Here is a post from Jenni Russell's blog in which she says: As much as I feel technology is a curse humanity hasn't realized yet, I cannot deny how useful it has been to my growth as a writer. I've met several wonderful people through the computer, including Jack. Poets, I think, tend to be a bit on the reclusive side and the internet gives them a social outlet and community they might not have otherwise (whic is the case for me). But I also wonder what would happen to an Emily Dickinson online. Would she still explore those deep crevices of the the conscious if there were blogs to read? Maybe loneliness in its extreme has its benefits. Plus you cannot help but run across "theory' online. How would convention have changed her writing? How is it changing all of ours?

PS IF anyone knows how to put a nice 10px padding around this image (I have tried doing it in the template and right in the html, but no go) please let me know thanks!



Blogger Wrong Nation said...

There is no going back. Emily Dickenson didn't choose her life. Had she been able to share her poems instantly, one can't tell how that would affect her work. If she was alive today, she might be spending time writing personal ads or she might be writing the same poems because at the end of the day the spider might've still been more real to her than anyone she met online.

(BTW, who is the girl doing trail maintenance? She looks 14!)

6:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not 14 - 52!
Guess I should get out the and do more of that trail maintenance stuff - like the merrygoround - going backwards

9:32 PM  

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