Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Writer's Block

Trolls are hooting it up over on Webdelsol's Writers Block . It's a kind of digital graffiti. The best thing to do with graffiti is paint over - immediately. The 'artist' will quickly tire of that particular spot - the whole purpose being to get attention.

A recent comment (see below) from Block moderator Christopher T George indicates this will soon come to pass as the administrators of the Block prepare new software which allows greater moderation and control. Wonderful news!

And I wish them all the best of luck in their efforts. Today, someone accused AnneMarie Eldon as being a man in disguise. Hilarious!

Who hangs out at the Writers Block?

Ash Bowan
TE Ballard
AnnMarie Eldon
Christopher T George
Hanna Craig
David Ayers
Laurel K Dodge
and other fine poets, but I don't know their real names

The crits are tough - this is boot camp. I can hardly wait to go back.


Anonymous Christopher T George said...

Hi Jude

Indeed, I think that under the new system we will have control of what is going on. It's also great to have you with us, Jude, as one of the editors.

As noted, Webdelsol has now established a new site at

This is a registration-only site using the discrete software of phpBB. I encourage you good writers of Desert Moon Review to sign up. I am one of the editors/moderators along with AnneMarie Eldon, Jude Goodwin, and G.C. Waldrep.

All my best

Chris George

7:47 AM  

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