Tuesday, May 24, 2005

25 days -

- to ride. Countdown is always the same. Weather becomes warmer, grouse whoop from invisible places, bear droppings dot the trails. My breathing is easier, the pain is less, everyone seems infused with health, laughter, excitement. This is not about death - or illness, disease, final days, loss, despair. This is close to the most alive I can feel. The only other times I felt this alive and vital were the weeks leading up to the birthing of my three daughters - after 40 weeks of clean living, healthy foods, lots of rest and a zillion medical tests showing how healthy and vibrant I really am. I am woman. I will not fear cancer, broken bones, obesity, depression or extra body hair. Ah, how did we come to such a listing of 'problems'? What has pulled the sacred female down to such a sordid guilty unlovely plane?

One of my poems placed 3rd in this month's Internet Poetry Board Competition . I am proud of this achievement. I am also thrilled to have represented a newcomer to the IPBC, the South Carolina Poetry Board (see link in right column). And I am honored to share the limelight with the other winners, including Laurel K Dodge's excellent work Misreading A Dead Woman's Poem: Cling

As this is really a 'publishing journey' blog, I will also note that the poems submitted to Kenyon Review via their online submission form were posted January 18 and have, to date, not been read. I like to be able to submit work online. It is also great to be able to follow the submission's progress online. It is a bit disappointing, however, to see a submission just sit sit sit. Oh well. It's all zen.


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