Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Still ...

... on my bike. And it's feeling better and better! Today it rained - gouted, flowed, dropped sheet after sheet. But my bike, my rain coat, and the huge ferns, mossy trees, steep single track, slimy roots and slick rock - it was all good.

There's an excellent article on about poems and the web. Daisy Fried : Poetry On The Web with some links at the end.

Today I packaged up my first ever in the world and my lifetime manuscript and sent it to the Three Candles Press contest. 60 poems exactly. Some in the back behind a cover page with FOR JAMA - that's my daughter - if I get a book published, she wants to take it to 'show and tell' - so I thought I would put some in a special chapter. Then she or teacher can read from there.

It's not just the bike. Its the Da Vinci Code too - I'm reading instead of writing. And it's Beethoven too - just rediscovered Moonlight Sonata and am relearning it on my piano.

Come on over to the Writers Block, drop us a poem



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