Monday, June 20, 2005

I survived

I was having the race of my life. I had reached the halfway mark in 2nd place. I was faster than I ever had been before. At the top of nine mile hill I started the Ring Creek Rip. Only 2 more hours and I would be crossing the finish line, accepting a medal. All was good. Half way down the Rip, passing riders and laughing, I hit a patch of mud, planed sideways through a tree and smashed up against a big rock. My race was over. It took me 10 minutes to get up, more to stop bawling, fix the bike, and get back on. I am covered with hematoma - new continents rising from the white sea of my flesh. I am disappointed. I can't sleep, too much pain. But I finished the damn race. Rode across the line, my family was there cheering. 1000 riders - lots of them had tough times like me. The final two didn't cross for another 50 minutes! What a bizarre thing to do don't you think?

Well, the training is over, the buildup. At least now I can get back to poetry!

Not sure if anyone accepted my 'nature poem' challenge, but here is a good one from redactions. Let's do it!

#66: The Boring and the Mundane

This is your assignment: watch a pot of water boil, or coffee brew, or a bathtub fill with water. Look at a crack in the sidewalk. Put your ear on your front lawn and listen. Put your ear to a tree. Put your nose over a clean drinking glass and smell. Lick the back of a book you hate or your favorite book. Touch an iron rail.

Observe something ordinary — but observe. Later, reflect.

Maybe even watch your computer reboot.

That is all. Except maybe do it when you are completely bored out of your skull, or when you have far too much energy.

Go forth!


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