Wednesday, August 17, 2005

8 line snapshots

The new challenge on The Guardian Poetry Workshop Adèle Geras asks for a short descriptive poem using only concrete nouns - or did she say that? She actually said "no abstract nouns" and she said "no more than 8 lines" which means it could be fewer.

A triolet has 8 lines. I thought that might be worth a try. Then, I though, maybe an extraction of 8 lines from other trashed poems. Over on the Writers Block, Rus Bowdon has written an 'byr a thoddaid ' - had to look that one up dint I?

Deadline Sunday, Aug 21 so get on it

I entered a poem on Inside the Writers Studio which ended up winning first place. This is a great workshop, very active - be sure to drop by. Speaking of workshops, I posted a poem on 3 candles 7 days ago - it has had 12 views and 0 crits. I am sad that the board is so inactive, there are some pretty fine poets on the roster.

Meanwhile, we are hatching something new over on The Writers Block - more on that later. The South Carolina Writers Workshop is busy - I posted the same poem there and with 24 hours it had 5 crit/comments. And Blueline's new approach to heavy duty critique guarantees you of at least 5 deep inline crits so navigate yourself over there and see what's cooking. Addresses can be found on menu at right.



Blogger Arlene said...

Wooohooo!! CONGRATULATIONS, Jude!!! Hee, before leaving, I mentioned to Rachel how much I loved that poem... I'm delighted it won!!!!


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