Friday, August 12, 2005

The Comstock Review

My first very first published poem arrived in the mail yesterday in the body of The Comstock Review. No words to describe how it feels. I've been published before - three books actually - but not poetry. One was a book of cartoons. The other two were kids books on card games. All were thrilling to hold for the first time. Something different about poetry - more of a personal nod.

The Comstock Review is an excellent little book! I am devouring the other poetry. I recognize none of the poets so I know I'm in for a real treat.

Today my 'comments' area of this Blog got spammed. No problem as I can delete it quickly but it's disturbing. I absolutely hate abhor despise spam. I get over 300 spam emails a day. Most of them are very rude, many of them attempt to infect my computer systems (it doesn't work, Macs don't get viruses), they interfere with my reading legitimate emails, and the time it takes to clear them away is an enormous waste. Punishment for spam should be swift and steep.

If bots are getting into blog systems, we will have to put an end to anonymous comments which would be a drag, for sure.

Hope you're all enjoying the summer!


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