Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Contests for fun

There are a few around, and for some of us, contests inspire the poet to step away ...

From Sin To Illness Contest
Inside the Writers Studio

Can you write in the mindset of one who has contracted an illness by alleged sins, whether cigarettes to lungs; alcohol to liver; unprotected sex to STDs, or any other type of illness where humanness and mortal flaws create tragedy, conflict, remorse, release, or really any range of emotions? It's a charged subject that requires a real challenge in the writer to stay removed from the emotion, especially if the narrator is the poet (i.e., it can't be a rant). Click on the contest for more info.

Can you write about wine, vine or vineyard?
Judd's Hill Wines sends out this requestion for submissions:

We are requesting a poem about wine, vines or vineyards. The submission can be made by going to our website www.juddshill.com, pulling the menu down under ARTS, and clicking on Poetry submissions.

The prize is a 3L bottle of Judd's Hill Cabernet Sauvignon; that's the equivalent of 4 bottles. The bottle is hand painted and etched in gold, and is very nice, I must say. The poems will be printed in the Judd's Hill newsletter, and placed on our website.


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