Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Guardian Workshop - Adèle Geras

Lost : Little Girl, by Jude Goodwin

Hair blonde eyes blue
green when near water
nose and chin small curving
white brow wide summer
smile last seen wearing
sand shoes holding shells holding
the wind last seen by the river

This is marvellous. It expresses very economically and beautifully the thought that every parent/grandparent has had many times ... Don't they grow up quickly? The lack of punctuation adds to the headlong rush of time that is part of what the poet is saying. I would have had no capital letters either, I think. The fact that "Lost" is part of the title makes it seem as though the adult looking back is regretful, even sad, about the loss of this child's youth, which brings a sort of shadow to the picture. It's as though the 'growing' in the last line is some kind of sinister process: something the poet might want to turn back if she could. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. In any case, a good poem. A clear picture. Adele Geras August 2005

Fellow Writers Block poet Ann Marie Eldon was also shortlisted. Click here to go to the workshop and read all the excellent 8-liner snapshots.


I've discovered a whole bunch of poetry workshops I didn't know existed, due mostly to an interesting Poll posted online called the Online Poets Poll. and the ensuing discussion/debate/argument on various boards as to its merit, level of legitimacy, etc etc. My own opinion is that 'fun is fun' and how can it hurt? My complaint would be that there are a lot of poetry forums missing from their 'list' - I would like to see the page updated significantly.


More on the demise of the Three Candles workshop : Here is a note on owner Steve M
ueske's blog -

For more reasons than I care to enumerate here, I blew away the public, semi-private workshop associated with three candles. I have, in its place, erected a private workshop for serious poets. To gain admittance, participants must either be invited, recommended by members, or demonstrate a sufficient level of skill to be useful to the workshop. If you are interested in participating in a workshop without trolls or newbies, send me an email. steve.mueske@gmail.com

And speaking of good forums now defunct - it appears that Mike Duran's APAD and poetry forum is permanently closed.


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