Saturday, September 03, 2005

Modern Drunkard

I read on Laurel K Dodge's blog that today is International Blog Day - well oops, she actually posted that on August 31 - so we can all remember it for next year. Anyhow, in honour of IBD I went wandering about, touching on blogs and I found this one.

Modern Drunkard Magazine - excellent blog-like website magazine all about, well, about drinking. It does take submissions and states : "Make sure your piece is is specifically about drinking. Specifically." And it does take poetry : "Shorter pieces are more likely to be printed. Occasionally we print an epic, but it has to very good." Payment is in issues. I found this on their FAQ page:

Are you guys for real? Yes. While there is some satire involved, we believe to the very core of our souls every word we write.

Who are you? We are a group of functional alcoholics based primarily in Denver, CO. Included in our ranks are published novelists, filmmakers, English gentlemen, barflies, punk rock musicians, comedians, outright dastards and admitted boozeheads.

Do you mind the word alcoholic? No. We are taking it back from the fascists. Soon it will be considered a compliment.

Do you really believe that? Maybe.

Are you drunk right now? Most likely.

Aren’t you sending people to an early grave? No. We are extending their life spans. Even heavy drinkers outlive non-drinkers. Recent studies prove the health benefits of moderate drinking save roughly a half million lives a year.

Are you moderate drinkers? No.

Do you guys really drink that much? Yes. And much, much more.

Do you really have a bar in your office. Yes.

Can I buy you guys a drink/drinks? Yes. Email us and we’ll meet you in any bar in Denver.

OK, so now I don't feel so bad about my poem Fruit Flies. I wonder if these guys have trouble with fruit flies?

If you've written a poem about wine for the contest in my previous blog, hey why not send it to these guys too?



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