Saturday, September 10, 2005

Whistler Writers' Retreat

I've stepped way out of my box this week - signed up for a writers workshop with Canadian poet Susan Musgrave. I've been placed in a group of 6, and we meet each day for 2.5 hours. We are workshopping each other's material, but also engaging in writing 'exercises' ! The first one (write 6 questions in 6 minutes, interview one of the other participants and write a bio) had me shaking so hard I could barely hold the pen. I had to borrow paper (duh). I had to read it aloud. I was the first ! Today we start by workshopping my own poems. The workshopping part should be ok - but the face to face aspect is always hard for me. Just gotta get out there more.

I have always enjoyed Susan Musgrave's poetry. She is very personable and quite funny - this has been an excellent opportunity for all of us up here in our tiny part of the world. The knowledge and experience and encouragement she passes on are beyond words.


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