Sunday, October 23, 2005

Breathing again

Sounds like the teacher strike is about to end and my daughter will be returning to school on Monday. I have 12 sticky notes on my computer, which means there are 12 clients waiting - but that's ok, there were 16 on it last night.

Jeffery Bahr has an excellent post on his BLOG titled Secrets of the Slush Pile with suggestions to poets regarding submissions.

My own poetic journey into publication slowed and then stopped sometime last week. I haven't looked at my poetry nor written a word of it, buried as I am in sticky notes. Ted Kooser says 'write every day' - they all advise 'write every day' - kinda hard sometimes.

The hamster escaped. To find her, we set little piles of food and a lid of water in every room then close the door and seal the bottom with a towel. Every hour or so we check to see if any of the food is gone. After 24 hours I heard her in the bathroom cabinet. Not in the cupboard but actually behind or under somehow. I had to rip the bottom off - funny thing, she's just a little furry creature like a mouse or rat but she's our little furry creature and I was prepared to sledge hammer the entire bathroom if I had to, to rescue her, which she likely didn't need because she's a hamster and can get in and out of anything.

This week I vow to dig back into my manuscript. As well, the deadline for the CBCLiterary Awards looms - November 1. I can enter online I think.

Congratulations to Inside the Writers Studio for their inclusion in the IBPC

That's all for now


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