Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

To all of you, a happy new year - have fun cleaning away the old, setting up the new, the resolutions, the agreements - what will they be? Here are some of mine:

I will try to make fewer righteous judgments and practice, instead, genuine tolerance.
I will seek out more writing workshops and poetry courses.
I will remember it's ok to say no and try to make my writing time a priority.
I will be nicer to my poems, stop beating them, maybe get them some flowers now and then.
I will continue to seek publication, but include online journals and as well, send out a book manuscript.
I will write every day.

Yes, that looks good. I will also reconsider this blog. Originally it was to record my journey into the world of print publishing, which it did. Continuing along that path seems tedious and boring. What would a new look be? Gotta think about it.

Cheers to all of you


Blogger Bob Hoeppner said...

Worthy resolutions, all, Jude! I look forward to your future blogging, whatever shape it takes!

6:54 AM  

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