Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bears in brumal sleep -

I've emptied the book basket of all things Christmas and replaced them with puzzle and craft. Things to challenge our minds and spirits, while our bodies wait for mute winter to end.

In that light, then, I shall gather challenges and list them here. For fun

Desert Moon Review Winter Poetry Contest : Deadline Jan 10
Winners will be published in Crescent Moon Journal,

The Blueline Challenge Forum
Current challenge looks fun - write a poem starting with one of the lines chosen by moderator Alan Itz

Inside The Writers Studio Challenge Forum
Win a free book ($20 value)

The Guardian Poetry Workshop,15165,1314872,00.html
Monthly Challenges, usually posted the last week of the month. Expert comment for those who make the shortlist.

I have a poem in Poems Niederngasse (Arlene Ang, editor), in the Marginalia section. Poems Niederngasse, in conjunction with Blueline, present selections from Perfect Day for Poetry, the forum where the challenge to write a poem a day for 30 days (and beyond) is excruciating, but exhilarating.

Speaking of Arlene, I received her lovely book The Desecration of Doves, in the mail just before the Christmas break and then before reading more than a poem or two, it disappeared. Sometime around Boxing Day my little girl asked "Oh by the way mom, why did you put a book of poems about doves in my schoolbag - did you want me to read it or something?" So there it sits, in her school desk, and because of the flu she hasn't been back to get it for me yet!

I always enjoy Arlene's Blog - it's personal and those are the kinds of blogs that keep me going as a writer.

This year, I've decided to submit my poems to online journals as well as print publications. One that holds a special place in my heart is ECLECTICA. This magazine was one of the first to accept my work, I'll never forget the thrill. The current issue is full of awesome poems - well worth a read.


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