Saturday, January 21, 2006

Historic Post

I was reading a 'note to writers' page on a publisher's website and it says publishers like to read a long list of credits before considering the work of an unknown poet. To this end, then, I have sent poems to the following (for history's sake):

Poetry Magazine, Chicago / 4 poems
Sent January 7 :: Rejection January 31
4-8 week response time

Kenyon Review (online) / 6 poems
Sent January 14
Lo-o-o-ng response time

PRISM, Vancouver / 5 poems
Sent January 21

Fiddlehead / 4 poems
Sent January 21

New Quarterly / 4 poems
Sent January 21

Prairiefire Press / 4 poems
Sent January 21

Contemporary Verse 2 / 6 Poems for Rising Star Issue
Sent January 27

I did my best to avoid simultaneous submissions! I still intend to submit some poetry to the Comstock Review, their deadline is March 15. I'm going to wait until March sometime, who knows, I might write my bestever poem between now and then.

In a previous lifetime, I was a cartoonist - or at least, decided I wanted to produce a book of cartoons - which I did. Table Talk, published in 1982 by Devyn Press. The cartoon 'story' follows a young woman's journey into the world of competitive bridge (yes, the card game). Recently I have talked with a publisher who is very interested in reprinting the book. This is kind of exciting - I kept on drawing the cartoons, but in a single cell format, for another few years and this publisher (Masterpoint Press) is willing to publish a 'collected works' - pretty funny huh?

Also in that previous lifetime, I had two other books published. One, Kids Love Cards, also published by Devy Press, was a hand drawn and hand printed book on card games for kids. It was not very successful and died an early death. Another book however, Teach Me To Play, a book for kids on learning bridge, has been a long-running classic and has recently been chosen as the official text book for the ACBL's school programs in 2006. That publisher, Pando Publications, has been after me for years to write Book II. I just haven't ever been able to get around to it.

A poem I entered in the Desert Moon Review Winter Poetry Contest has placed 3rd. The poem is 'In Winter - ' - I won't link it here until it is published in DMR. But that's a nice happening isn't it?

Inside the Writers Studio has a forum where members are able to upload sound files of their reading. This is cool. I've got one little sound file from a few years back but I'm going to put it there, if I can, and see how it works.



Blogger Bob Hoeppner said...

Hey, I submitted to the Kenyon Review, too. I like the fact it was started by John Crowe Ransom. Good luck! I've been thinking of submitting to Poetry, but isn't their response time more like four months? I think KR might actually be a fairly fast turnaround.

Your cartoon and other books sound great. I hope you keep developing those.

Yes, I've spent a fair amount of time on the ITWS audio. Finally have it worked out, with a couple of readings posted on there from this past week.

8:03 PM  
Blogger Jude Goodwin said...

Hey Bob

Good luck with Kenyon Review - I submitted to them last year about this time (Jan 17) and it took them until May 28 to reject me.

thanks for dropping in

1:14 PM  

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