Friday, April 14, 2006

It's all about 8

I've recently discovered Octopus Magazine.
"Oh really," you ask. "How was that?"
I'm glad you asked. There is an excellent article on Publishers Weekly, called Poetry Off The Books, which talks about publishing online, and listed some reputable online journals. I visited them, and found Octopus.

The poetry is interesting, and mixed. Take a look! Plus, it's all about 8. Because of the 8 legs of an Octopus. The submission procedure for their 8th issue is set up as a contest. The 8th issue will be printed and will comprise 8 chap books bundled together. That sounds very cool to me. I love stuff like this- it's so, so .... creative! Yeah, that's it. Here it is in their own words:

Issue #8 of Octopus will be a print issue available in winter of 06-07, but it is not going to be simply another print magazine. It will be a collection of eight separately bound chapbooks presented together. All eight chapbooks will also be available individually. The chapbooks will be the first product of Octopus Books, the new small press created by the editors of Octopus Magazine. Each chapbook will have a print run of 250 copies.

So are ya in? I've already sent my collection off. 16-32 poems (more or less) - alas, I sent 22 which doesn't divide by 8, hope I don't get disqualified! And here's a bonus - you can pay the small reading fee ($8) by paypal! Hooray. I won't have to spend an hour trying to get a money order in US funds.


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I'm glad you're glad I asked. :)

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