Saturday, June 03, 2006

Villanelle Contest on The Waters

We're running a villanelle contest on The Waters. Prize is a hand signed copy of a book of poetry by Rhina Espaillat.

The contest is being managed by Toni Clark and she has presented some wonderful examples. Find a couplet in someone else's poem that you like and use those two lines as your repetends. Make it serious or humorous, as you wish. Toni offers samples for you to choose from or find your own.

Contest deadline June 15.

The Waters


Blogger Bob Hoeppner said...

What a coincidence: I have a signed copy of Rhina Espaillat, which I received from my ex-mom-in-law. Rhina is the mother of the wife of my ex-mom-in-law's husband's son.

Regardless, I haven't written a villanelle in a while (I have an annual tradition of writing a sestina around the Xmas holidays), so maybe I'll give it a go, though I'd want to use my own repetends. I don't have much interest in competitions, but sometimes I like to do something different.

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