Tuesday, July 25, 2006

First cool day -

- in about forever. Nice to be able to sit at the computer again without all that sweat and languor.

We've got a 7 in 7 thing happening over at The Waters. Write a poem a day for seven days. Yes, just like the House of 30, but only 7 days - 7 quick days - 7 inspired days. Can you do it? Some old friends and some new friends over that way. See you there!

The new poetry workshop challenge is up on The Guardian hosted by Vicki Feaver - write an animal poem, deadline Sunday July 30. Hey, maybe write 7 animal poems, one a day.

I'm busily scanning and fixing up all my cartoons for the book (Go Ahead, Laugh), manuscript due by July 31. It will be published this fall, or at least in time for holiday shopping. Very exciting. I'm also struggling to get the summer issue of Bridge Canada put to bed this week. Trouble is, with all this heat, much of our time is spent lakeside or squirting each other in the neighbourhood gardens.

Winners have been chosen for the Writers Block Summer Poem contest. They will likely be announced on Friday - first place will be published in Web Del Sol.

No word yet from the IBPC.

And while I'm mentioning the IBPC, this month marks the third anniversary of Rus Bowden's Poets & Poetry in Rags - a brilliant newsletter Rus presents to us every second Wednesday. Thank you Rus! for all this hard work. Click here to read more ::>

Thank you all for your kind comments and congratulations on my last post - the Burnside Review acceptance.



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