Monday, July 31, 2006

So much fun

We're having so much fun over on The Waters that I haven't had a lot of time for my blog. I started up a 7-in-7 for the poets there and five of us took up the challenge. A gentler project than 30 - in - 30 but still challenging especially this time of year what with kids out of school, work backed up, and all those lakes out there calling "Jump! Jump in me!" But, as always, writing a poem a day gets the juices going and suddenly I feel compulsive and obsessed again. With what? With words! imagery! metaphor! help ...

Recent submissions

Prism International (UBC, BC) : July 27 : 5 poems

Fiddlehead : July 27 : 5 poems

Queens Quarterly : July 31 : 6 poems : Email

Barrelhouse : July 31 : 3 poems : Email

Cider Press Review : July 31 : 5 poems : Email

I'm attempting to compile a list of print journals that accept email submissions. Not easy to find! But I truly think email submission is the way of the future - less gas (driving to the post office), less paper, and no stamps, IRCs, or SASEs. What could be better? When I get a good list, I'll post it here.

The Writers Block just concluded their first ever poetry contest, and my first experience as a judge and writer of comments. I liked it.

I have now resigned as editor of the Writers Block. I need more time to dedicate to The Waters. As well, I have never felt that I belonged on the Writers Block. I post poems which rarely get comment, and my poetry never gets nominated there for the IBPC. Even if it does, after all these years, only once or twice has one ever been submitted - I think once it was submitted when other nominees were unable to agree. So - it really is a matter of fit. My poetry doesn't fit in on that playground. It fits in elsewhere - and that's the way of most things isn't it? I wish everyone there the best of luck and good fortune and happy muses and all that stuff. Working with Christopher T. George and AnnMarie Eldon was a pleasure.

I was able to meet the deadline for my book of cartoons. The entire manuscript, layout, introduction, forward, bio, full color cover, and reviews package is in the hands of the publisher. Nothing to do now but forgetaboutit.

I am seriously considering a manuscript of poetry this month - either to submit to publishers or to enter into contests. I won't be entering the CBC Literary Awards this year - I have been noting the winners and although the judges change from year to year, it seems that one long poem, or a series of poems in one story or along a single theme, are preferred to a collection of short, unrelated poems. So that leaves me out.

There was a manuscript contest, deadline September 31 I think, that will be judged by Dorianne Laux. Cool. I'm going to find that one, and send my stuff in. Lost the link. Hopefully it isn't buried too deeply.

That's it for now!

I found the link:

CIDER PRESS Review Book Award: $1,000 and publication of full-length poetry collection. Judge: Dorianne Laux. All entrants receive a copy of the winning book. Reading period: September 1–November 30. Reading fee: $25. Send 48–80 page manuscript to: Cider Press Review, 777 Braddock Lane, Halifax, PA 92168. Guidelines:


Blogger Frances Mackay said...

Goodness Jude, here I was just browsing the blog world and you pop up. How small is this world anyway?
You sound as if you are extremely busy. Glad that the poetry challenge is still going. I am pretty slack at the moment, am lucky if I get one done a week. Hope I will get back into it properly from now on. All the best. Frances.

11:03 PM  
Blogger KL said...

Hey Jude,
(lol bet you hear that a lot) I have a gorgeous nephew with your name.
I checked out that magazine and hmm, they NEED your poetry. (wink) I look forward to seeing your list of Prints that take email submissions-- that would be quite handy, I have a borrowed list of sorts on my blog.
I understand about the "block" I have had some strange feelings there myself-- but love a few of the folks there. My favorite spot is Wild, and I see you have that link.
I will have to look into this Water deal of yours. Anyho... (ramble)I too just ran across and thought I should stop and comment.


8:59 AM  
Blogger michi said...

oh yes! zines accepting email subs ... i am always happy to hear of such. it's terrible from overseas, i can tell you. i really don't understand why editors prefer print subs - isn't it easier to copy and paste poems from emails than to type them or use a scanner and OCR? i'd appreciate any link.

good to hear about your 7/7 challenge. i am on day 24 of round 6 at ITWS' 30/30, and this round has been the toughest. just barely hanging in there ...

good luck,


11:44 AM  

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