Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Magma : Rejection

Dear Jude

Thanks for sending us some of your work to consider for Magma Poetry 36. We've read it with care and I'm sorry yours didn't make the final selection. We're grateful for all the submissions and interest we receive and with over 2000 poems competing for some 60 places, I do regret having to turn down very many poems I've enjoyed and valued.

Every success with future magazine submissions.
Best wishes

Anne-Marie Fyfe (Guest Editor, Magma 36)

Magma / 5 poems
Sent May 31 :: Rejection August 1

Thoughts : Wow! 2000 for 60 spots. They invite contributions through Email. Is this why they are so inundated? Is submission through email going to be a bigger challenge than submission through the post? Certainly it is easier to submit by email so that could lead to many more submissions.

FYI: Magma is a magazine of poetry and writing about poetry, published three times a year in Spring, Autumn and Winter, in full on paper and in selection on their Web site.


Blogger Arlene said...

hi jude! congrats on the burnside review acceptance. got a rejection from them last year and it slipped my mind to try again. magma, too — missed the deadline.

you might like to look at for a list of journals that accept e-mail subs.

keep up the great work. i'm counting to seeing that book of yours in print soon!


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