Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Octopus : Not A Winner

Dear Friend of Octopus,

Thank you for submitting to Octopus #8. The editorial board and the editors of Octopus read yoru manuscript closely as part of an anonymous process, but decided ultimately it wasn't the right book for us.

We're grateful for all teh submissions and interest we received and with over 300 submissions, we regret having to reject so much poetry that delights and amazes us. We wish you the best of luck placing your manuscript elsewhere.

Zachary Schomburg & Mathias Svalina, Editors, Octopus Magazine.

Received by email:

Dear Friend of Octopus,

We are excited to announce the contents of our upcoming chapbook issue, Octopus #8. As you
might already know this issue will consist of eight separately printed & bound chapbooks presented as a single issue. We received over three hundred submissions among which were so many exciting manuscripts. After a blind reading process the editorial board and we chose these eight amazing chapbooks:

Julie Doxsee
The Knife-Grasses

Jen Tynes & Erika Howsare
The Ohio System

Sueyeun Juliette Lee
Perfect Villagers

Eugene Ostashevsky
DJ Spinoza‚s Dozen

Joshua Marie Wilkinson
The Book of Truants & Projectorlight

Genya Turovskaya
The Tides

Jonah Winter
The Continuing Misadventures of Andrew, the Headless Talking Bear

Samuel Amadon
Goodnight Lung

Issue #8 will be available for purchase in the fall. You will be able to buy the chapbooks as a full set
or individually.

This is the first venture of Octopus Books. Beginning in 2007, Octopus Books will publish two full-
length books of poems every year through open April readings, in addition to broadsides and
additional chapbooks.

Please check us out at www.octopusbooks.net.

Thanks for your interest in and support of Octopus Magazine and Octopus Books.


Zachary Schomburg & Mathias Svalina
Editors, Octopus Magazine & Octopus Books

Editorial Board: Brandon Shimoda, Hadara Bar-Nadav, and Christopher DeWeese.
Editorial Assistants: Heather Green, Alisa Heinzman, Tim Marcuson, and Ashley Payne.


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