Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Three Contests

What a georgeous day! One of those moaning summer Tuesdays -

Congratulations to Sachi Nag, new editor on the Writers Block. There are some nice comments posted regarding my retirement - I am touched by them.

77 Sunset Beach, the new forum on The Waters, is a place for those wanting to try their hand at writing a poem a day - for one week. Comments only, no critique. The leaves the Poetry forum open for more in-depth critique and comment which seems to be wanted by our poets. Coming soon will be our Fall Challenge, and we are considering starting up a forum for discussion on Theory and Craft. What will we call it? Any thoughts are welcome. Maybe the Shipyard. hmmm.

Contests contests contests. I have put together a manuscript and am considering entering it in the Philip Levine Prize in Poetry Competition, the Cider Press Review Poetry Award and maybe - oh, ok, I'm going to enter once again the CBC Radio Literary awards. They shortlist 35, so that alone could be a bit of spirit leaven. I know I thought I wouldn't bother this year, but it's kind of a tradition for me and helps me get organized each fall. Each of these contests offers a cash prize as well as publication. Each also requires about $25 entry fee, but that's ok by me.

I had a nice email waiting for me last night. A Canadian magazine, 4am, sent me an invitation to submit. Here I am looking for magazines to submit to, and a magazine actually invites me to submit to them. Is this common? It didn't look like a form letter. And, what poems should I send? What if they don't like any of them? That would be a bit uncomfortable wouldn't it? I have poems that are, well, weird. I'd love to see if anyone wants them. They sit in a special place on my little bruised hearth. I wonder if this is the time to give them their chance. Or would that be taking advantage of the kind editor at 4am.


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