Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Getting ready to run

- outside, the sun is brilliant and the doggy shuffs behind his 'go to bed' door. So a quick post here before I'm off.

Wrote a pantoum last night before bed. Another sub for the 'what precedes a poem' query over on Books Inq. Not sure why I was inspired to do this - wierd actually. But I love pantoums always have. Want to write another tonight about a 'body part' for the Wild Poetry challenge.

Congrats to Toni Clark who won the Cliché Reality challenge over on The Waters. We are getting ready to set up a new challenge soon. Toni will be mailed a chapbook 'Pseudophakia' by Julie Carter.

Our Squamish Writers Group meets tonight - I'm looking forward to it!

Last night my daughter and I saw the film The Illustionist. We came away very pleased. Do see it if you can - great story and some awesome architecture and cinematography too.


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