Monday, October 02, 2006

Dark and hallowe'en steep

I love this time of year. Meat pies and bourbon skies


I've made it onto Books, Inq - well, sortof. Frank Wilson posted a link ::

The latest issue ...
... of the Crescent Moon Journal is up.

and I'm in this journal so it sorta seems like mention on one of my favourite websites.


I've decided to try a 30-30 over on Inside The Writers Studio. It's a tough one because there are so many participating and the deal is, we must comment on every poem. So I've made a list, and given columns to each day, and I check the poets off as I comment. There are 11 poets at the moment so each day I must write one poem and comment on 11 others. Some good poets right now, I've enjoyed today's serving ...


Blogger michi said...

it's good to have you over at ITWS, jude!

11:46 AM  

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