Friday, October 27, 2006

In the post ....

in the Electric Shadows, poetry by JJ Webb, California and signed too. Thank you JJ! Am looking forward to reading.

101 Ways to Make Poems Sell, the Salt Guide to Getting and Staying Published. This book had a light bulb effect. Written by Chris Hamilton-Emery, it's one of those simplistic tomes that is really just there to turn on a switch.

Go Ahead, Laugh. Bridge Humour by Jude Goodwin. Ya, that's me. What's bridge humour? LOL well you might ask! Basically, it's a book of cartoons, with card playing the specifically tournament bridge, as its theme. Speaking of which, if you have any card playing friends or family, I've just today launched my annual Holiday Shopping For Card Players website. Spent a week surfing the web looking for interesting stuff. Take a look if you dare!

Almost finished my 30-in-30 stint over on Inside the Writers Studio. It is working very well for me this time around. Poem number 26 tonight - I write them after 10 it seems. Have to say I have really enjoyed my time with the poets over there. You want to feel like a poet? Spend a few days on 30-30.

I'm adding to the emoticons library on The Waters. I've seen the darn little things play a huge part in communication on TWS. So I surfed around, and found an excellent resource. It's complicated, adding them to an ezboard, but I did it. More coming too.


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