Friday, October 06, 2006

What a lovely way ...

to start the day, reading Freada's poem on ITWS 30-30 "Between Me and Recognition of Need". As it is on a forum, you will need a login to enjoy the piece. Linked here with permission.

Getting Published ...

"The authenticity of your feelings, their depth, novelty and sincerity, are not markers for commercial success. Many publishers will recognise the characteristics of such poetry and flinch from the memory of heart-felt writing, from young and old alike, which fails to stimulate the reader beyond calls for sympathy. Alas, sympathy does not sell books, it sells greeting cards."

This interesting article was found on the Salt Publishing website.

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© Chris Hamilton-Emery, 2005
101 Ways to Make Poems Sell:
The Salt Guide to Getting and Staying Published


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