Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why did you wait so long ...

... to publish your first book? I wasn't waiting! I just didn't have a publisher! I kept sending out poems, and ... I don't know how to feel when someone talks to me about waiting, because it certainly wasn't any policy on my part. It's just that I had the poems there, and maybe I didn't always send them to the right place; it just didn't happen, that's all. William Stafford in an interview with Cynthia Lofsness, as written in his book Writing the Australian Crawl.

Queens Quarterly : Rejection

I'm sorry, but we have decided against taking any of these poems. However, please feel free to try us again sometime.

Joan Harcourt
Literary Editor
Queen's Quarterly

6 poems, sent July 31.
Rejection 08 Nov 06, Email note.


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