Sunday, December 03, 2006


I'm attempting to consolidate all my websites. Currently I have this blog, a poem a day blog, an 'official' poetry page with bio and samples, and a poetry workshop. Sheesh! Right now, I am working on which will combine everything. When it is complete, I'll be cancelling all these other pages. except for the poetry workshop of course which isn't really mine anymore.

Originally I started this blog to help track submissions and to share my experiences as I attempted to become a published poet. A lot has happened since those early, somewhat naive days. Hopefully my rambling blog has been of some help to anyone who happens to read it. I used to use this blog to list interesting links. workshop ideas, etc. Now I put all those in The Waters. In fact, when I close this blog, I'm going to transfer the list of Poetry Workshops at right into The Waters "Dive In! area. And with the advent of Duotrope I no longer need to track my submissions through a blog.

I want to write every day. Sometimes my days are very busy, so I will do my writing at midnight or later! It ends up that I don't really have a lot of time for blogging.

But thank you to all have have dropped by and visited. Please do come by The Waters for a boo, and watch for - coming soon.



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